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Upcoming Eco Retreat in Tampin

With “Next-Level” design thinking we bring to you this exclusive “Renewal of Life”, a first in Malaysia integrating the Japanese concept of “Shinrin-yoku” with the Malaysian tropical nature. Immerse yourself in the eco-system and be guided at your very own Eco Retreat, in learning how nature can help you find health and happiness.

This is where life is renewed in today’s fast paced world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Your own place at your own pace where the soul can be renewed and spirit recharged with vigour, the very foundation of a life in success. The upcoming Eco Retreat will be just about an hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur.

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Rimbawan Residence

Rimbawan Residence

First in our ‘Next-Level’ design thinking has generated an exciting built environment that incorporates first of its kind essence of health and happiness, the foundation for personal success.

Soon to be revealed so stay tuned to be kept in the loop on the progress in the making.

Come home to Rimbawan Residences. Walk along a 1,600-metre foot-path fringed by trees, shrubs and plants, with sprays of mist into the air to cool you down.

Be visually thrilled by the natural changing colours of the foliage and flowers. Immerse yourself in the Escape Forest, an untouched 1 acre of private rainforest with the recreational facilities and encounter novel hanging chairs, modern gazebos and a myriad species of flora.

Have all the convenience of cafés, restaurants, shops and recreational facilities interconnected by shaded walkways.

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Disclaimer: All images used are for illustrative purposes only.

Project Details

Consist of 4 apartment blocks

Apartment: 504 units

Villa: 13 units